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These Training Bag Gloves have an open thumb design and feature a thumb cushion and, also, give additional wrist support and stabilization. They are created for the most discerning and stringent MMA practitioners. Their quality and strength are unsurpassed. Their form assists you in the massive repetition of punches that need to be thrown in high-level MMA training; they accomplish this by putting the hand into a natural fist position while providing enhanced protection during impact. They feature an open thumb and Velcro wrist strap which, combined with the added wrist support, allows for superior safety, fit, and comfort level. The extra safeguard of the thumb cushion provides a balance between protection and dexterity. These deluxe training bag gloves are perfect for people who really want to protect their hands. The deluxe bag gloves have more padding and a superior feel, but are designed specifically for bag work and contact training on pads. Without exception, Twins Special products are unsurpassed in functionality and vibrant aesthetic. As Always, all our products are unmatched in quality and reliability. Make sure to check out the various colors that Twins Special Training Bag Gloves are available in. Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, or Light Blue. Your individuality can show through when choosing the design and colors that suit you best. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.