Twins Training Bag Gloves Full Thumb

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These Twins Special Training Bag Gloves feature a thumb cushion and additional wrist support. They were made to withstand the daunting punishment that world-class fighting competitors put their equipment through. Their form puts the hand into a natural fist position while providing enhanced protection during impact. These deluxe bag gloves have more padding and a superior feel, but are designed specifically for bag work and contact-training on pads. The full thumb design and Velcro wrist strap, combined with the additional wrist support, permit for the best possible protection, fit, and comfort level. Twins Special Training Bag Gloves, with the extra safety of the thumb cushion, are for people who want optimal hand Protection and wrist stabilization. Through and through Twins Special products are unsurpassed in look, feel, and function. You can let your unique personality show through when choosing the design and colors that best suit you. Rest assured the materials used in their construction with be top-of-the-line. Make sure to check out the various colors that these Training Bag Gloves are available in Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, or Light Blue and sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.