Twins Trainer Body Protector II

Twins Special
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Twins Special Trainer Body Protector is designed to be worn by the MMA or Muay Thai trainer. It provides the ultimate protection for when the trainer is working with a world-class Martial Arts competitor. It allows for full range of motion while still protecting the upper body and collar bone areas. It is handcrafted with high quality shock-absorbing foam and 100% leather. Its two Velcro closure straps and one-tie strap ensure an easy on and off when transitioning from one training exercise to the next. It is designed for training on punches, hooks, front kicks, foot jabs, and knee strikes to the front and the sides. Its quality craftsmanship and rugged design are unsurpassed. Whether you are training in Muay Thai, MMA, or self-defense you will not find better Body Protection anywhere else.