Twins Padded Wrist Bag Gloves Full Thumb

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These Twins Special Training Bag Gloves are Double Ribbed and have a Padded Wrist; they are made to hold up to the intense treatment that Top-Level Mixed Martial Arts competitors dish out. The padded wrist support also assists in keeping your wrist stable and in the proper position during punching. As with all Twins Special products, only the finest materials are used in their creation. Using the full thumb design allows for unrivaled protection and flexibility. The full elastic closure allows for quick adjustments and removal; and a great fit. The padded wrist gives you more protection on the back of the hand for back fist techniques and sparring; in addition they are great for light contact blocking, kicking, and punching drills. These gloves are a testament to the high standards of quality and durability that is always found in Twins Special Fight Gear. The composition, intuitive design, and aesthetic style of these gloves are unparalleled. Whether your training is in Muay Thai, Western Boxing, or Mixed Martial Arts you will not find better quality leather training bag gloves. All Twins Special Training Bag Gloves are crafted from fine quality, high density padding and 100% premium leather. All are available in Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, or Light Blue; sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.