Twins MMA Gloves With Fingers - Red, Blue, Black

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Twins MMA Gloves with fingers are designed for the extreme rigors of world-class MMA training and no-holds barred sparring. The padding is specifically geared towards heavier sparring. Its purpose is to emulate the padding of a Striking glove, while maintaining the open finger grip of a MMA glove. Like all Twins products they are made from the finest materials. The attached-finger design and anatomical thumb padding allows for the best protection possible. The wrist strap uses Velcro closure, which allows for wrist support, without sacrificing comfort. These ergonomically designed gloves are ideal for MMA sparring; as the padded fingers naturally mold in form to the knuckles to help diminish hand fatigue. As with all our products the stitching, functional design, and visual aesthetic are unmatched and will give you the performance and long-lasting resilience you would expect from an organization as exemplary as Twins. Whether you are training in Muay Thai, boxing, MMA, or just for self-defense you will not find higher quality Premium MMA Gloves anywhere else. As with all of our MMA Gloves, they are made from the finest quality, high density padding. Each one is crafted by hand with premium leather. All are available in an exceptional variety of color combinations to choose from; sizes Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.