Twins MMA Fingerless Gloves - Red, Blue, Black

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Twins MMA Freestyle Gloves are made with World-Class MMA fighters in mind. They are competition style gloves; they have been used consistently throughout the world in top-level bouts. They were designed and crafted to withstand the severe abuse and wear that world-class competitors dish out. The finger compartment and open palm ergonomic design gives you security of fit combined with an easy grip. The Velcro wrist strap maintains support without interfering with comfort. These MMA Freestyle Gloves from Twins will maintain, perform, and surpass any standard, as is the norm with all of Twins FIGHT GEAR. These MMA gloves allow ground work and stand-up striking in the same training session without changing gloves. Regardless of the intensity of your MMA training, Twins MMA Gloves will endure, protect, and support you at every turn. All Twins MMA Gloves utilize the best quality, high density padding. Every one is hand-crafted from the finest leather. Each one can be found in a large variety of colors and color combinations and in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.