Twins MMA Competition Gloves - Red, Blue, Black

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These High-Quality MMA Gloves have thin padding and are ideal for competition. They are an elite style glove that is ergonomic designed to put the hand into a natural fist position while providing enhanced protection during impact. They are made to be used by world-class MMA fighters. Their level of craftsmanship is second to none, which the customers of Twins FIGHT GEAR have come to expect. The Velcro wrist strap is easy to use before or during training; it ensures a comfortable, easy fit; and protects the wrist with firm support and cushioning. Its thin padding combined with its finger loop design enhances grappling sensitivity and dexterity while still providing protection; giving the maximum security and mobility. All Twins products undergo rigorous punishment and testing; so you will have no doubt that your MMA Gloves will be unparalleled in quality, usage, and visual appearance. It does not matter what areas of MMA you train in, Twins MMA Competition Gloves will never let you down. Each pair of Twins MMA Gloves is crafted from the highest quality and density of padding. All are hand-made from top quality leather and come in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. In Addition, a huge variety of unique color combinations are available.