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Twins Synthetic Versa Trainer in Red and Black is made to withstand the punishing training regiment of world-class MMA fighters. Its built-in curved design is ideal for strong impacts from round kicks, push kicks, knee strikes, and overall lower body training; it can be used in conjunction with a Twins Belly Protector and Kicking Pad. This durable, long-lasting Synthetic Versa Trainer will give you the performance and resilience that world-class competitors need. Its quality construction and rugged craftsmanship are unmatched. Whatever your training goals are in Muay Thai, western boxing, MMA, or traditional karate, Twins Synthetic Versa Trainer will help you reach them. Twins Fight Gear sets the standard for production quality, functional design, and visual design. Our Synthetic Versa Trainers are made from premium synthetic leather and fine, high density padding. Size: 24" Tall X 18" Wide X 4" Thick