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Twins Synthetic Tear Drop Bag is made to satisfy the high standards that world-class competitors have come to expect in their fight training. It is tough, dependable, and ready for whatever your Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai workout has to throw at it. Due to its tear drop shape, it is particularly suited for practicing upper cuts and knee strikes; but there are an endless amount of exercises and techniques that you can execute on this Twins Synthetic Tear Drop Bag. This durable punching bag is made of heavy duty, synthetic leather. Its quality craftsmanship and sturdy construction are unsurpassed. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes; ranging in length from 70cm to 80cm. Once it is filled, it is ready to be hung from a strong beam or support structure indoors or used on a free standing heavy bag stand wherever you might like to place it. Twins Training Bag Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Shin Protectors, and Muay Thai Shorts are just some of the fine products that you can use in conjunction with this Heavy Bag. Regardless of your individual goals in the Martial Arts, Twins Fight Gear can help you attain and surpass them. Please check out the variety of Heavy Bags that we have to offer. SMALL 44x70cm/ 17.3x27.6in MEDIUM 60x75cm/ 23.6x29.5in LARGE 80x80cm/ 31.5x31.5in