Twins Headgear - Open Chin - Twins Boxing, MMA & Muay Thai - Grey

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This Twins Open Chin Head Gear- Premium Leather in Grey is crafted to stand-up to the demanding standards of the Mixed Martial Arts Champions of today. It is made to survive the grueling abuse that such competitors generate. It is designed for maximum range-of-vision and breath-ability. Its padding, coverage, and protection are in the most vital areas. This is a helmet intended for competition and light sparring. The extra padding at the top of the head is particularly useful in MMA sparring and provides additional protection against punches, elbows, kicks, and other attacks. The adjustable Velcro chin strap increases security and provides a balance between shock absorption and comfort. All Twins Special Head Gear- Premium Leather is held to the highest standards of manufacture; its optimal performance and long-lasting resilience is assured. Only the finest quality Fighting Arts equipment and accessories should be expected from Twins Special FIGHT GEAR. Regardless of the focus of your Fighting Arts training, you will not find a superior Head Gear- Premium Leather on the market; its craftsmanship and functionality are unmatched. Only Twins Special FIGHT GEAR offers Mixed Martial Arts products with this degree of variety, design, and creative aesthetic. All of our Head Gear- Premium Leather are made from 100% leather and premium high density padding.