Twins Head Gear- Premium Leather w/ Chin - Green, Brown, Blue, Red, Purple

Twins Special
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This Twins Special Head Gear w/ Chin - Premium Leather in Bold Colors is made for maximum visibility and breath-ability. Its padding, coverage, and protection are in the most important areas. This is a competition style helmet designed for use in light sparring or competition. The firm, high-density foam padding and adjustable chin strap improve safety and enhance the balance between comfort and shock absorption. Like all Twins Special products, this Head Gear- Premium Leather is made from the finest materials; it will give you the performance and long-lasting resilience you would expect from such a pillar in the MMA world. The craftsmanship and functional design are unmatched. Whether you are training in Muay Thai, western boxing, MMA, or personal self-defense you will not find higher quality leather Head Gear- Premium Leather anywhere. No one offers MMA products that compare with the variety, functionality, or aesthetic creativity that Twins Special is known for. All of our Head Gear- Premium Leather are made from one-hundred percent leather and top-of-the-line high density padding.