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Twins Fight Robes are the ideal accoutrement to your Boxing cache; a perfect addition to our boxing shorts, gloves, and warm-up suits. Whether it is before a professional boxing match or an amateur boxing competition you will be sure to look your best as you walk in wearing any of our top quality Fight Robes. Twins Fight Gear is known throughout the world of boxing as a leader in producing the finest equipment for all levels of training and competition. From kids boxing in classes down at the local boxing club to world-class fighters watched live by countless fans; Twins is always a part of the boxing scene. Twins Fight Robes are made of fine satin; they are soft to the touch and feel great regardless of whether you are walking to the boxing ring or just lounging around your home. This Fight Robe is black with white trim and a white belt. On the back there is a red Twins logo with boxing gloves hanging above it. A great gift for any boxing fan; man or woman.