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Available in Sizes S, M, L, XL Providing excellent protection for the head, the TSG-THG has the same advanced design as the TSG-TMH, minus the rigid ear-guards and removable cage visor. KEY FEATURES: ´ Protects the entire head, jaw, face, chin and cheeks with shock absorbent multi-layer multi-density foam. ´ Adjustable size with strap system that protects the back of the head ´ Expanded field of vision with no problem to see to the sides or down while in movement ´ Soft interior to guard the soft tissue around the head ´ Padding is form fitting without excess room for the headgear to slip around ´ Provides a section of foam padding to fully protect the top of the head. Joined to the front of the helmet with a leather bond. The pad is secured to the sides of the helmet by an elastic border. The elastic border serves a dual purpose of joining the top pad with the helmet and helping to ensure a snug, comfortable fit on heads of different sizes. ´ Foam padding which covers the top of the head extended down to protect the full back of the head, another area which is frequently left unprotected, or not adequately covered, by training helmets ´ Tear drop shaped protective padding surrounds the ear ´ Leather cover with holes over the ears to block incidental contact and allow for ventilation and hearing ´ The foam padding in back of the helmet is secured by two large, overlapping Velcro flaps, one flap extending from each side of the helmet. These flaps help to fix the helmet in place on the users head, and also make the helmets size more adjustable to fit comfortably and securely on heads of different sizes. ´ Double-stitching is used as needed to protect seams