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These Training Bag Gloves are specifically designed to bear the brunt of the tremendous pressures that professional Mixed Martial Artists put their equipment through. Each is made to boost the potential of your punching. Extra ventilation is the advantage of the open thumb design, while still providing protection and superior gripping ability in MMA training. The advantage of the full elastic closure is the ease of sliding the glove on and off in the middle of a training session, as well as supporting a comfortable fit. These battle tested training bag gloves provide the strength and protection warranted by the Twins Special name; a pillar in the world of Mixed Martial Arts equipment and apparel. As has come to be expected of all the products made by Twins Special FIGHT GEAR, their quality construction, functional motif, and visual style are unequaled. No matter your field of interest within the World of MMA, Twins Special Training Bag Gloves will never let you down. All of our Training Bag Gloves are produced from the finest high density padding. Each pair is handmade from 100% leather. All are available in Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, or Light Blue; and sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.